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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Transporting Glass

Need a way to easily transport your fragile art- like glass beads?
I found this website through the lovely and talented Andrea Guarino, who mentioned it on facebook. This is

It's foam inserts made specifically for gamers - and this stuff is for army games. But our beads tend to fit into some of these inserts really, really well. Poke around on the website and find the sizes just right for you. I had seen Jen Geldard use something similar with a hardshell case a year ago. It sure makes it easy- especially for those of us who make sculptural beads.

I might even reduce the use of my Dollar Store baby socks that I currently use for packing up my little treasures. (six socks for a dollar!) This might make it even easier.

I haven't bought one of these outfits yet. I noticed on the website that there is a shop that carries them about an hour plus from my house. I think it's worth a field trip down there with some of my beads in hand to see what works best./

If you have already invested in one of these containers. Would you let us know how you like it? Did you buy yours from another source, and if so, would you mind sharing the website? Thanks so much.

See you tomorrow!