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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Three Band-aid Night at the Torch

It was a three Band-aid night last night with a slosh of ice water and a touch of burn creme. Jeesh.

I knew I should have been focusing on my studio table instead of laughing at the jokes on Last Comic Standing. It was just one little stringer that did the damage- I grabbed it (and dropped it), but it seared me and I could barely finish my bead before hitting the kitchen for ice water and supplies.

But the cup is half full- I got to decorate my bandages, blog about it for sympathy, (I'm expecting you to tell me much worse stories than this paltry excuse for a whine) and I'm debating a new series of sculptural burned fingers beads for the glass artists who need a talisman to ward against this perennial problem.

So nothing like a little cheese with my whine...see you tomorrow. I expect to be fully healed by then. ( tell me, are margaritas medicinal?)