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Friday, February 12, 2010

Medical Masks - Who Knew They'd Be Fun?

Fifteen fanciful styles of protective face masks are offered by

Boon was born in the Netherlands and granted a research student scholarship in Tokyo after receiving her Masters in Architecture. Both countries have influenced her interior design, architecture and textile work.

This line of "Get Well Soon Masks" was created to add a more cheerful and amusing face, while protecting the wearing from flu and other contagious ailments. I particularly enjoyed this face, but you can also find pig snouts, monkeys, sheep, lions and a sweet geisha face among others.

I would love to see our special masks that we wear for using glass enamels and other flying powders to reflect some of this fun whimsy. I do wonder if our artisans would be more likely to wear them, if they had a little flair. Hmmm. perhaps you'll see a new line at the Gathering. This gives me an idea.....

As always, I have tomorrow, Saturday off from blogging, but I'll be back on Valentines Day. Right here,