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Friday, February 5, 2010

David Bennet's Frozen Motion

David Bennett's glass and bronze sculptures sure captured my attention when I ran across them.

After reading about him on his website, I noticed he was quick to say that artisans have been blowing glass into metal forms for 2,000 years. But that form of art has been stretched so that the sculptures and their armatures have shown more fluidity and ability for playfulness.

Almost like frozen motion.

Reading his biography shows that he has the experience to go with his art.
Pratt Art School, Pilchuck Glass School and special studies under Pino Signoretto just to name a few.

Bennett also lights his sculptures from within using LED s to illuminate them. He has a line of chandeliers that makes me almost drool. Using his gymnasts, he has them lit up and swinging from the skeleton of the chandelier. I know this one would keep me staring for a long, long time.

So pop by his website and take a peek. It's worth the extra time to see some truly delightful works of art.

And I'll see you soon. Right here...