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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Copying For Fun

I've been noticing the reconstruction of famous photographs in a few blogs recently and I can see how entertaining it might be for all involved.

Here is the famous National Geographic photo of the 12 year old Afganistan gir with the haunting eyes. To me, they say she's seen so much more than someone her age should.

And below are two photos- both the prep and the final shot of someone working to reproduce it.

Which reminds me of the dreaded "C" word in our glass artist community. Copying. Here I am totally amused because I can see that it is done for fun and not for profit. And obviously it is no where as striking as the original.

And I guess that's what I feel about copying in glass. If its not for sale, and used for fun and usually to learn certain techniques, I understand. When it's for sale or meant to be an exact copy, then I'm not feeling it.

I think these photographs illustrate it well. They were staged for fun and are viewed that way. If the photographer was trying to sell it as an original, then it's
another story. 'Nuff said.
See you tomorrow!