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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Terra Firma Studios

I was delighted to meet mosaic artist Aly Winningham while visiting Blue Moon Glassworks.

I had heard that she created wonderful mosaics, but it wasn't until I checked out her website, that I realized what scale and level she was.

This is just one small example of her work- the candy counter at Austin's flagship Whole Foods Market. Aly works in metals and mosaics (mainly glass) and if you poke around under the "Public Work" category, you'll see columns 25 feet tall. Oh, she makes me want to learn to do this.

Now here's the kicker...I was lucky to be Aly's first lampwork teacher. I'll tell you about it in a future blog- teaching another artist who has a voice in their work, makes it interesting and a lot of fun. See you tomorrow to tell you more.