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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Turn for Watch Me Create

My latest commentary for Watch Me Create will be posted sometime today. I've written about testing the waters by learning a bit of another style of glass- this time fusing/slumping and combining it with some of my lampworking skills.

Last week I was at Blue Moon Glassworks learning some new techniques to combine with the ones I already have and my Watch Me Create post shows what I made. So instead of spoiling the photo opportunity, I'm handing you a quick peek inside of Blue Moon where I taught my class and in turn was taught a lot about glass from other perspectives by my friend, Jim Berry.

The interior of the store is an artist's dream. Lots of tools, glass, machines, completed work by a variety of artists, and books too. The lighting is good, but the atmosphere is even better. Jim & Rose Berry and the rest of the employees make you feel at home the minute you step inside. I like that in a shop. You feel like they want you to be happy & successful and so generously share their time and knowledge in their art and products that they carry.

You know what kind of people they are, when you meet sweet little baby Emmie who comes to work with her Mom Lisa, one of the Blue Moon long time employees. Bob, Mike and Jody also work there and are part of the Blue Moon "family". I guess besides all the wonderful new skills that I learned, I also made some pretty nice new friends in Austin. You know, you can go to a lot of places to learn new skills, but it isn't everywhere where you feel so welcome. And for me, remembering people's kindness will last in my heart and mind a lot longer.