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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Business Commentary...Full Disclosure

Sometimes, as daily bloggers, we recommend other shops, products, or services.

As a reader, you don't always know just how we came to the conclusion that we did. Most of the time, bloggers tell where they found something and why they like it. But how much more should the reader know?

There's a website that has sample disclosure statements that are used for media. I thought it was a good idea to read through them and then decide how I might incorporate them if needed.

The one that I feel is most important is when someone receives some sort of compensation for writing about a product. It may be a free sample, financial payment or something else.

I personally believe the reader should know that. It may not make a difference about the advice, but I want to know so I can add that into my knowledge mix. And the one category that fits most of us, doesn't seem to be important to this website. "My friend makes this and I'm proud of what they do". I like writing about friends and their successes and products. I guess we just need to do our boasting without an official disclaimer.

Although none of these are "have tos" I sure think they are worth including in some form or another. It could be a low key sentence or phrase, or as they suggest, a paragraph in bold print. Any way you look at it, the reader wins, because of the writer being so upfront and honest.

And btw, I have no material connection because I did NOT receive a cash payment, gift or other thing of value from the company affiliated with the topic and/or product that is mentioned herein. (Darn it. I would have loved a new car or even a pound of glass.)

See you tomorrow. I'll be in Austin visiting Blue Moon Glassworks and Jim & Rose Berry. Woohoo!