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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Non Traditional Wedding Cake Toppers

I've been thinking about adding a wedding cake topper line to my glass art offerings and as I've been researching some non traditional ideas, I've come across plenty that I'm not sure I particularly like.

I am sure that some couples would find this topper humorous, with both on their cell phones. And probably this really is how they act. But as an onlooker, I wonder does this bode well for a happy marriage?

And here is a link to a second one that really made me question anyone who chooses it. It's title is "Ball and Chain". Unless it were a private joke that they both find funny, I'm not so sure how long this marriage would last either.

Now I'm asking you...what kind of non traditional wedding cake toppers do you envision? I was thinking about couples and their dogs. What would you suggest? I bet you've got some great ideas too.