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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Different Kind of Bead

Oh, I think I mentioned before that I made a different style of bead the other day. I belong to a few street teams and one of them is Art Jewelry Collective on Etsy. I chipped in for an ad in Ornament Magazine to try to show the buyers that high end jewelry is found on Etsy and here are some examples. I felt that my usual style that I use for Etsy, was a little too, shall we say, "casual"? I needed something that shows another side of me and what I like to do.

So here is my example. It is my totem necklace. A book on Inuit Masks was my inspiration. I love the face behind the mask which combines humans with nature. For me, it's something that is thought provoking and interesting.

I also kept to neutral colors, except for the tiny piece of turqoise. I couldn't resist.

Hope you like it. I look forward to your comments. I'm thinking about doing a series of these. What do you think?