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Friday, August 24, 2007

Airport Snafu and Mermaids

I wish there was a great tie in to both topics, but honestly they're quite separate. I had a request to do some younger girl mermaids. They make sweet necklaces for daughters, or I have cute little stands that I make for them. They're adorable on a dresser or favorite shelf.

On a totally unrelated note, we just got back from the airport. My son was due in at 5:30pm, and then his flight was cancelled. Then he almost made it on another flight, but standby was full. So he was due in at 8:40pm and I waited a long time at the airport in the middle of a rip roarer storm. Needless to say, he called from Birmingham, AL where they were refueling. Then when they finally made it back to Atlanta, close to midnight, they had to sit on the tarmac because all the gates were full. Then of course the train between concourses was shut down and the mass transit system train to burbs was shut down for the night. He finally came out from baggage claim at 2 am and said that he'd deal with his lost luggage later today. So of course he hadn't eaten and the only place open nearby was Waffle House. It's 5 am and we're finally home and going to catch some shut eye. So if you happen to email me today and I don't respond right away, please assume that I'm catching up on a little bit of much needed sleep. However, I did get a lot of my paperback read tonight, which was nice.

Good night everyone.