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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ah....Tuesday. Day After Surgery

Yesterday was the second day of surgery for Ms. Pris the Fish, pictured above. Being the Sturgeon Surgeon, I feel comfortable discussing her surgery and I do have her permission in writing. (This doesn't sound a little fishy, does it?)

Anyhow, when traveling to her new owner, Ms Pris suffered a partial fin detachment. This hasn't happened before, and I"m knocking on wood, that it doesn't happen again. Anyhow, the new owner sent her back to me, for an operation to reattach her left bottom portion of her fin.

After the complicated, but successful surgery, I noticed that Ms. Pris was now suffering from what her grandmother fish would call "Lazy Fish Eye". So she went under again for additional surgery to correct that. She has decided to be brave and honest that she did have a lift done at that time and also her lips were redone. She felt that she was looking more like Melanie Griffith and wanted lips more like Angelinas. So that was done too.

I'm happy to report that she's resting and feeling almost like a new fish...but not quite. Here are the before (Top) and after (Bottom) photos. You'll notice that she was photographed under different conditions, so the colors are not quite the same.

Dr. StudioMarcy