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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Yummy New Glass

I can't seem to leave Austin without new glass and tools. It's like working in a candy shop. So here is some of the glass I bought at Blue Moon. The coral really excited me. I bought some new clothes and it goes perfectly. And yes, that's evil purple in the pile. I will handle it carefully and hopefully coax the beauty that I know is within. CiM Electric Avenue and Atlantis (more yum), complete the picture.

Other colors not roof tile, which is one I use often as well as opal yellow. I buy that one two ways...sometimes I look at the core for the pinkish tones and sometimes to have less of them. It just depends what I am making. And copper green and dark ivory round up my pile. I love both and their great reactions.

So that's the glass... Will show you my new tools in the future. And by the way, we had two great classes. Color Mixing and Intro to Murrune, Twisties & Stringer, and Sculptural Pets. Loved the beautiful work the students made and highlights are always seeing the big smiles from their accomplishments.