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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Class ... Color Mixing and Murrine for Newbies

I promised I'd talk a little about my other class that I'm teaching for Blue Moon this week.  It's a one day class for people with zero or little torch experience.  Color mixing, twisties, murrine, stringer and all kinds of things that fit into those categories.

Blue Moon has a lot of mosaic and fusing students, so this one can give them more fun and exciting ways to stretch what they are already doing.  Isn't that what we look can we broaden our artistic vocabulary?

It is also fun for beginning and early intermediate beadmakers.  It's a laid back, feel comfortable with soft glass, its elasticity, heat control (one of my favorite topics!) and learning how the traditional color mixing we did as kids in painting, doesn't always work in glass.  I find in my work, often I need a specific color that isn't offered in our rods, so sometimes mixing is the best way to achieve it.  (What I would give for the perfect Golden Retriever opaque glass!) But you know, necessity sometimes teaches us great lessons, and I'm having a lot of fun, passing it on to others.