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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Getting Ready For Blue Moon In Austin

I am excited to be teaching in Austin next week at Blue Moon Glassworks. My two day Pets Class is so much fun. It is the same one I taught at the ISGB Gathering last year. We will work on a range of dogs and cats, of course, but will also touch on a small rodent (we actually had a pet rat when my kids were little, but no fear, this one is the much cuter hamster) and of course we will do a bird too. But my favorite part is when each student will use their photos and will design and make their own personal pet! I love how excited students are when they make their special family an inner glow comes forth. Totally awesome.

Tomorrow I will tell you about my other class.
If you are interested in classes Blue Moon, you can reach Jim and Rose Berry by emailing. Or check out the website at

ps  I had to include a photo every blog, so this is yesterday's test kitty with a bird on her head .  Haven't made this style before, so have plenty to tweak.  But wanted to show you my first try.  It will be fun to see where it goes.  Can you tell I wanted to try one with color?

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