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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Santa Is In The House

You'd better watch out...oh wait, a little early for that.  But I am working on my holiday inventory for shows and my Etsy shop.   It's a crazy year this year, and I need any head start I can get.

So I popped this fun loving, striped trouser with suspenders hipster wannabe Santa into my etsy shop, in case you too, are trying to stay ahead.

You can find him here.  He would make a great miniature ornament or pendant, and he particularly enjoys hanging out near you on a desk or other flat surface to make sure you are behaving yourself.

Here's a hint:  I just turn him towards the wall, when I want to misbehave.  It works!

See you tomorrow. I'll be in New Jersey getting ready for Glass Stock East at Carlisle Machinery.  Can't wait to use their wonderful burners...(Santa, I'd really love a Lucio Burner for Christmas!)