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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It's Getting Spookier

With all my seasonal Christmas show work that needs to be done, I have to be careful to take time to enjoy Halloween.  In this line of art, we need to make our seasonal products in advance, so that jewelry making buyers have time to create their finished pieces. So I'm in the middle of Christmas, before Halloween even passes.  And we all know, this is a really fun time of year.

It's not that I like "spooky", but it's more like it's time for people to be creative.  Whether it's the funny food that is a riff on the holiday, or the costumes and decorations, it's almost like this holiday gives people permission to be out of their traditional life a bit.

I have this little bride of frankenstein vignette in my etsy shop.  She is a bead and so is the owl.  They are fully removable for wearing, or they can stay on their mulberry root stand.  The tree can not be worn.  My suggestion is to get those change a bead pendants so you can switch back and forth.  (Her dress is my favorite part.  It really looks like there is movement and fabric, instead of opaque glass.)

Now, if I can just stay out of the candy until this season is over.  Of course I like that aspect too.  Chocolate and candy corns.  Save me your Mounds Bars...mmmmm.