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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Advertising and Pointing The Viewer's Eyes

I love this ad.  And if you know me, you are laughing knowing that I would never wear tapered jeans.

But I do love the lines of it and how it works.

Squint your eyes a bit and watch where your eyes go...

Do you see how his body not only shows the product, but his top foot actually points to the company name and logo?  and how his bottom leg frames the headline and and is in line for the online viewer to click to find out more?  Pretty cool isn't it?

As artisans, a lot of folks in our community have to make up little ads.  We tend to try to stuff lots of information into it and don't always look to see where the viewers' eyes will travel.  I know that's me some of the time for sure!

So I just wanted to show you what I think works really well and also to remind myself what is important, if I want someone to take that expanded look.

See you tomorrow!