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Monday, April 9, 2012

From Flower to Jewelry

I just recently found out that I was accepted to the ISGB's 3 x 2 Exhibit.  The premise is that the glass artist submits a bead to a jury.  If accepted, then the beadmaker makes a total of three similar ones that get sent on to a Washington state metal jewelry artist  who will then make each of the three beads into jewelry.  One will go on exhibit for our Gathering in Bellevue WA this summer, and then each of the artists receive one of the final design.

I love this type of collaboration.  Usually I am making custom pieces or for myself, so I don't have to give up all control of the final item.  But you know, sometimes you find such wonderful combinations that you wouldn't have thought of otherwise.

I tried to pick colors that would go well with a variety of metals.  I know that some are so expensive, so I wanted colors that could look luscious with ...oh maybe copper or something else.  The affordable kind.  And although the bee is sculptural (and yes, he does have two wings, but a funny angle of the photo makes it look otherwise.), he is protected with the petals that I made a little thicker than usual.

And I was careful to make a very flat bottom for this as well.  I am not experienced in setting beads, but I thought that between having a 1/16 hole as well as a flat bottom, the metal crafter had more options for attaching them.

If you make beads for bezels, what are some tricks that you don't mind passing along?  I just shared my thinking, but I bet there are more angles for attacking this than what I thought of.  Let us all know.  And hope you had a nice weekend...