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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Acworth Art Festival, Part II

I had a great time at the Acworth Art Festival last weekend.  It was my first outdoor craft show and I sure learned a lot.  One of the things was hair styling tips from this cute girl.  I had never thought that pipe cleaners would make such a joyful addition to a hair style.   

Here is one angle view of my tent.  I knew I needed more color, so a Michael's Craft Store  frame had to do-  filled with some blow ups of my beads.  I found bright green tomato cages at Big Lots for $4 each which worked to display my miniature ornaments.  (note to self- Christmas stuff doesn't sell as well as I hoped in April...go figure!)

My friend, Amy Sims was so kind to come over beforehand, and give me advice on my tent's furnishings.  She told me to "add more color".  I was concerned that too much color would take away from the colorful beads.  I am so glad I listened and now am thinking about how I want to add even more color.  The other advice she gave me was to double the inventory that I had already.  Wow, it seemed like so much when I started, but again, she was right.  It still looked a little sparse, once I was there.  I had been worried about overcrowding, but I found that more is better and then I could edit.

Now that I have one show under my belt, I'm ready to hear more advice from you all, who have experience or know what works.  I could use it in packing and hauling tips, colors, displays, etc.  Later this week, I'll show you a few of my displays that I think worked pretty well.

See you tomorrow!