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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

You Pick Bead Exchange

I have blogged about doing exchanges that stretch what you typically do.  And this is one of my favorite ones found on Lampwork Etc.  It's called You Pick 7.  Each participant posts an inspiration photo and everyone interprets it in the best way that they can.

So...I'm pretty sure you can pick out the bead that I made for this photo above.
This one, was one of the hardest for me. I know, it should have been easy, but finding the right colors and the gentle gradations of it, felt tough.  What would you have done?

This is the photo that I chose for others to make.  I love the organic forms and I thought that these colors were represented in both CiM and Moretti- and that it might be something that a beginner through advanced glass beadmaker might be able to interpret.  After I chose it, I saw one of this series by Matisse at our Atlanta Hight Art Museum up close.  It was pretty amazing.

If you would like to see more photos and the conversation about the exchange, pop by here.

If you were choosing art for others to interpret, do you know which piece you'd choose?  Tell us.  and if you have a link, we'd love to see that too.