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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year Resolutions?

Happy New Year.  Wishing you great health, lots of happiness, and being surrounded by people you love.  I've decided to leave out the wealth concept.  Of course I wish financial success to everyone, but I'm more of the opinion that it comes with hard work, not wishes so much.

Have you made New Year's Resolutions?  This is what I'm thinking...

In 2012, I'm on the corner of Same Old Way and Something New.  I've found over the years that making resolutions sometimes works and of course, sometimes not.

So I've decided to do it differently this time around.  (I guess heading down Something New lane...)
I think I want to do something kind of like a mission statement and have my business and art decisions center around it.  If they don't reinforce or support it somehow, then I'd better have a really good reason.  I'm still contemplating this idea.  Do you operate this way?  It seems to me that financial goals are just a part of it.  I want to include artistic vision as well as artistic goals.  More like a big picture and then supporting action plans...I think.  Looking forward to hearing what you do and how you do it.  We can all learn.  See you tomorrow!

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