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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Adventures in Atlanta's Chinatown

Last night I went on an adventure tour of Atlanta's Chinatown. It's a small area that I had never seen before, but lots of fun.  We started off with a seven course Szechuan dinner.  And in my quest to try new things- yes, that is squid and tofu below. 

And after our dinner, we went on a tour of Chinese grocery store, where I found all kinds of things I hadn't tasted before.  Like this grass jelly.

(I didn't buy this)  But I did pick up some Chinese New Year candies and other items.
And our final stop was a Chinese bookstore, where I was glad to see Steve Jobs translated into Chinese.

And we ended the evening in the tea room of the bookshop, we listened to a musician playing Mandarin Pop guitar music.  Lots of fun.  And looking forward to going back some time and bringing my friends.


  1. Yum! It looks like you had a tasty and fun time Marcy! :)
    ~*Happy New Year!*~
    Amber Dawn

  2. Did the grass jelly, well...taste like grass?

  3. Lara, I have no idea! heard that soetimes it goes into a drink..

  4. Weird. Now I'm curious, but don't think I'm THAT curious.

  5. Maybe we should try some together at the gathering this year.

  6. I don't know. Sounds kinda weird. I'm game if you are. :-)


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