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Monday, December 26, 2011

Post Christmas Ideas

Oh sure.  I bet you received some great gifts and have already delved a bit into them.  But are you like me, that all the leftover debris from the wrapping feels a little wasteful?

If the paper is pristine, I re-use it and definitely the bows.  Some ends up rather shredded and gets recycled.  But sometimes there is some cool paper that is between both of those parameters


I saw these decoupaged wooden bangle bracelets on and thought it could be a fun activity...either with adults or with kids.  And if you don't have some old bangles, I wouldn't be surprised if your local resale shop might have some for just a little more than a song.

Here are the directions.  And if you have time, this is a fun website to check out.  Hope your day is great.