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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Post Christmas Blues? Here's an Idea

I understand that sometimes people feel a little blue after the magic of Christmas is over.  I tend to feel a little sad beforehand, as I miss my daughter who is far away, but I understand that it can affect people in different ways.

So I think one of the ways to battle the blues is get out and create your own magic.
I have recently found a website that I really enjoy.  It's  Have you seen it?
One of their posts is "10 Ways to Create Your Own Luck".  I like that.  Our family always says, "the harder we work, the luckier we are."

So here are their 10 points to make your own luck...and to read what they say about each point and check out their website, (which I REALLY like), click here.

1. Constantly Try New Things
2. Think About How Lucky You Are Right Now
3. Notice Little Things and Solve Small Problems
4. Work on Things You're Passionate About
5. Establish Relationships with People Who Share Your Interests
6. Help Others Out When You're Able
7. Take Calculated Risks
8. Pay Close Attention to the Present
9. Identify The Lesson
10. Work Toward Your Goals Every Day Without Fail

Makes a lot of sense, doesn't it?  As we're making our New Year's Resolutions, perhaps some of these might be good to consider for a 2012 emphasis.

See you