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Monday, December 19, 2011

New Hair Studio That Is Nothing Like You've Seen Before.

A few weeks ago, my long time hair stylist, oil painting friend Adam opened up his own hair studio in Atlanta.  I've always loved his style- often taking vintage pieces and making them fresh with a bit of an edge, so I wasn't surprised that I fell in love immediately with the decor of his two chair salon within his furniture and art shop that he owns with his delightful partner, Chris.

So the first photo is of his waiting area.  The coffee table is due to be delivered any day now.

Here is one of the two chairs with vintage cowboy print for the hair dryers.  I have to say, it is comfy!  I sank back into it and he brought over a foot stool, because my feet didn't touch the floor.  ( I felt like that Lily Tomlin character!)

And of course I need to show you my new hair.  Adam added "cinnamon" color for the holidays.  I feel festive and never have had red like this in my hair.  Woot!  

I have a feeling this place will end up in some style magazine, so when that happens, you'll have seen it before everyone else.