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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Meet Charlie...My Beach Friend

Meet Charlie, my beach buddy from last weekend. I found him upside down in the shallow water. Not a good sign, so I picked him up and his legs moved.

I'm well acquainted with Horseshoe Crabs. We could find them among the rocks when I was a kid in Connecticut. I remember trying to race them too, once we got over that we were a little scared of them.

Well, there's kind of a sad ending to this story. Upon checking out Charlie a little more thoroughly, he had already gone on to Horseshoe Crab Heaven. Big bummer...mostly for Charlie though. I placed his shell back in the shallow water, hopefully to be taken out with the tide. Perhaps his shell will provide some protection or a habitat for another sea creature.

And scroll down this page to see what artist Takeshi Yamada does with the old shells. Pretty cool.