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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Back From The Beach!

I had a delightful weekend at the beach. Our friends invited us to stay with them on Sea Island, which is a very pretty resort, with lots of "everything" available. Having grown up on the coast of Connecticut, it takes something pretty big to keep me away from that kind of invitation.

The ocean is like a magnet to me...drawing me and keeping me mesmerized. I think it's not just the ocean itself, but the beach sounds that go with it. The waves, the children shouting, if I'm lucky, a little noise from the Hobie sailboats beached nearby, the birds calling and snippets of adult conversation...although I try not to listen too carefully to those.

This was the beach at sunrise on our last day there. A group of us went down with coffee cup in hand to enjoy our last morning there. I took a lot of photos and will sprinkle just a few in some of my blogs for your enjoyment.

Wishing you a Happy Columbus Day and to my fellow beach loving sis, Happy Birthday too!