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Monday, September 23, 2013

Sushi Monday...Looks Like Murrine To Me!

 I ran across this wonderful sushi art by Takayo Kiyota.  She is a master sushi chef in Japan.  As a glass artist, I can appreciate what went into making these- both the design as well as the execution as our inedible techniques might physically last longer, but this is really awesome too.  And I just want to know whether people actually eat these small works of art, or love to look at them as I do.

Just wanted to share with you.  See you again soon.


  1. I'm seeing murrine too...but I guess that's coming from the eyes of a glass artist! What a talented & creative sushi chef!

  2. I would never eat that ..... (okay, I would never eat "normal" Sushi too ;0)). But look at all those details - all gone, with one bite? Great work by a very talented artist!


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