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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Art Shoes...Would Artists Wear These?

These vinyl Arty Party booties by Sophia Webster gave me pause to wonder.  Would real painters or artists wear them?  

I guess most importantly, these and other wonderfully fun and funky shoes by designer Sophia Webster are carried in stores like Neiman Marcus.  And many of my artist friends don't normally splurge quite to that level.  (I know, we blow the budget on new tools, cool new colors or supplies!)

So my question an artist or craftsperson, would you wear these?  (not buy them, but wear them.)  And if you don't fall in those categories, would you wear them?  

Looking forward to hearing your response.  


  1. As an artist I have always enjoyed the funky creative adornment, but color splats on shoes.... Not really that creative, nor do they look particularly well made. I can see myself taking a pair of old shoes that are on their way out and adorning them with something funky just to get a few more wears out of them. These seem to be trying a little too hard.

  2. 20 years ago when I could wear heals that high without falling on my face, hell yeah!


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