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Monday, July 22, 2013

From Alpine WY to Atlanta GA

Goodbye Wyoming, Hello Atlanta.

What a wonderful trip filled with family.  From my week in Cheyenne with my Mom and sister, to my days South of Jackson on a ranch for my niece Brooke's wedding and all those crazy Lambersons.

The ranch electricity is run by propane.  If you are a glass person like me, you know how we are pretty well versed with it.  It was interesting that the little tiny lights in our cabin were run on it and we used a lighter to ignite it.  And as we are always cautioned about ventilation, our lights were on very little.  I could smell it and that didn't make me relaxed.  Our flashlights got a good work out though!.

And daylight was beautiful.  We were nestled in a valley with mountains and nature surrounding us.  No cell phones or Internet but dozens of hummingbirds.  I made it through 4 days of no Facebook or online Scrabble without getting the shakes from withdrawals, but I am happy to be back in Atlanta for a few days.  Rochester NY will be my next stop. Looking forward to the International Society of Glass Beadmakers' Gathering.