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Friday, November 4, 2011

Pottery Class

I had always wanted to try pottery.  I wondered how working with clay would equate to working in glass.  So I took an intro pottery class nearby to give it a whirl...(- just a little pottery wheel joke).

I had a great time learning a bit about it.  The clay we used was from my state of Georgia and I had always wanted to see how the tools worked.  (Tool geek here)  Of course as I told my friends, they all talked about the famous scene in the movie ghost.  Cute scene, but unfortunately, not my reality.

So here are my two bowls that I made.  I had to keep going back for the next steps...after it dries enough, then you need to clean them up and carve a bit off so they are thinner.  Then you paint the glaze onto them.  The last time is to pick them up and smile.

I love my little bowls.  A touch wonky, but their color is nice.  I gave them the squarish top and round bottom.  One of my favorite shapes.

Will I go back for more pottery classes?  Probably not.  Clay is not my medium.  I love how I can stretch molten glass.  Clay felt  rather stiff and too solid for me.  I missed the colors, transparencies and light feel of glass.   (besides, I have this weird thing about getting my hands dirty)

So, you probably won't see too many more of my clay creations on this blog.  But I had to show you my first attempt.  I think it's always good to try new things and now I can cross "Pottery" off my list.

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