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Friday, November 18, 2011

Antarctica's Recycling Program Upgraded

It's time for another small Antarctica post.  As many of you know, my daughter works down there and leads me to some great photos, blogs and other sources of information.

The other night, we were chatting about the recycling down there.  We're always very careful of what is sent to her, because there is no landfill where she is and all trash has to be reused somehow, burned or brought back out of the continent.

It appears that the inhabitants of the station have quite a sense of humor.  I heard that prior to the head of the waste program's arrival, a few new containers were added for grins.


And in her usual fashion, my daughter actually checked in the glitter bin recently and found that someone had recycled their glitter make up.  Unfortunately, that wasn't what Sparky was hoping for.  She was looking for the usual craft store variety.  (And by the way, the back of this bin has little unicorn heads painted on it.)

Hope you have a good weekend.  See you Sunday.  I'm in Austin teaching and will pop up a quick post to say hi.

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  1. nao tinha pensado pra onde ia esse lixo da antartica...


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