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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

There's A Full Moon, Watch for Naughty Gnomes

My friend Kim has been telling me for over two years, that she wanted me to make a gnome bending over and mooning. Kim and I were at Bead Camp together recently, so I crumbled.

Besides pleasing her, I wanted the challenge of making a glass bead in this shape. His "center" where the mandrel went through went up his legs and came out just above his buns. Think of the uneven distribution of weight that adding his upper body would create.

He had to be bead sized and yet include all the important details.

It was rather like doing an on mandrel and off mandrel piece at the same time, because from his waist and higher, I had to add glass and sculpt without the centrifugal force that mandrels provide.

For more views of this naughty gnome and of course a cute little story, please visit "Kimbo" in my etsy shop.

I'm always open for more ideas of beads you'd like to see, or please post about something you've tried recently which stretched your abilities. Add a link too! We'd love to see what you're doing as well.

See you tomorrow,