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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Meet Suzanne and Jennie of JaJaJa on Etsy

Meet Suzanne and Jennie of Ja Ja Ja on Etsy. Suzanne was kind enough to answer some of my questions, so here it is in her own words....

"My sister, Jennie Wucherer and I, Suzanne Kinavey, started Ja Ja Ja Purses. Ja Ja Ja means Yes Yes Yes in Swedish. My Dad was born in Sweden, so we grew up with Ja-this and Ja-that and Ja Right etc. There are three sisters, therefore, Ja Ja Ja. It is pronounced Ya Ya Ya, but most people call it Jaw Jaw Jaw!

We use recycled, vintage, old and some new fabrics to make our bags. Ours Grandma Smith taught us to sew, when we young. She taught us always to take our time, make it right, and make it neat! Our purses and bags are very well made, and usable. It is important to us to use as much recycled fabrics and embellishments as we can. We love to make purses and bags from fabrics which have had a "prior life"!

A reader would notice that our bags are unique, and usually one of a kind. The fabrics are so lovely. Sometimes they are a real blast to the past. We do not cut up clothes, drapery or whatever which can be used again, as is."

Recycled Coat Purse
This coat was given to us and it was quite a mess. We believe it is from the early 1960's and it made two wonderful purses. There is nothing like recycling fabrics. The fabric is very sturdy and thick. It has a pink/coral background with very light yellow or tan spots. It is simply fabulous. The purse is simply and lovely. It measures 7 by 8 by 2 inches and has a long 46 inch strap. The bag is fully with goldish satin, and has an inside pocket. The closure on the flap are magnetic snaps. Very pretty bag.

1950's Drapery Bug Purse
I just love this fabric. It is 1950's drapery fabric, recycled into a wonderful purse. The fabric has a golden background with beautiful, colorful leaves and a lady bug and cricket. Definately a botanical theme! The style is cut in diagonal, so the top is wider than the bottom. The style is nice because you do not have to dig for your things on the bottom of the purse. The purse measures 10 by 7.5 on the bottom and 10 by 11 inches at the top. It has a long 42 inch strap. It has been reinforced with fusible interfacing, fully lined, and has a matching inside pocket. The closure is a magnetic snap. It would make a great gift for you or your special friend.