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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Meet Beth of Cryztalvisions on Etsy

Meet Beth Alexander of Cryztalvisions - and

I asked Beth how her shop got its name? She replied with this very sweet answer, "Cryztalvisions with a "Z" is an homage to a great teacher I had in my youth who shared her passion for gemstones and crystals with me. She prounounced crystals "CreeZztals", so my shop name reminds me of her everytime I post or sell an item."

Her best inspirations always come from nature whether it's a walk through the redwoods, or a visit to the beach. She said she always comes back to her workshop refreshed and full of new ideas. "I also find inspiration in the materials I work with. Sometimes all I need to do is spread out some gemstones and I start to see new design possibilities, it's as if some pieces actually design themselves. A lot of my work is influenced by ancient jewelry fabrication techniques. I love to learn various techniques that have been used throughout history and find ways to infuse a modern day spark," she added.

As a shop owner, I always ask other shop owners, " What do you want the reader to notice about your work?"
Beth said, "Most of my designs are one of a kind items. I believe that certain stones resonate better with certain people. I believe that each piece I create will attract just the right person to wear it. When I remember to keep this in mind while I'm working, some truly special pieces come to life right before my eyes. Jewelry is more than mere adornment to me, when you pick a piece that attracts you, that you really resonate with, it is an avenue of outwardly expressing a little of your inner beauty and magic."

I've included photos and Beth's description of a few items from her shop.

Fine Silver Handcrafted Tree of Life Pendant with hidden Bail

This is the first in my new "Tree of Life" series.

This pendant in lovingly handcrafted of over 12 grams of pure (99.9%) silver. I added a light patina to the silver to accentuate the twisting, swirling branches and spiraling roots of the tree. High in the tree top sits a silvery dichroic glass cabochon adding just the right amount of sparkle and light.

The tree is hand drawn free form using precious metal clay from a syringe, so each tree is unique.

There is a hidden coiled slide bail in the back that will accommodate large chains and cords and smaller omega chains.

The pendant measures: 2"L x 1-1/2"W

The Tree of life is a universal motif, found in every ancient culture- a symbol of the uniting of heaven and earth, spiritual nourishment, and even enlightenment.

Sugilite and Amethyst Visions Handcrafted Necklace

One-of-a-kind Design!

I love the color combination of the deep purples in this fabulous Sugilite stone and Amethyst beads along with the earth tones of the Golden Horse Jasper beads!

The focal pendant features a large AAA quality Sugilite stone set in a one-of-a-kind wire wrap design. Above the Sugilite is a Golden Horse Jasper Bead with fabulous colors and a natural abstract pattern. The bead is inside a large twisted rope circle of sterling silver with a butterfly shaped bail.

The chain is Sterling Silver, each link has been handcrafted. There are rectangle Grade A amethyst beads and additional Golden Horse Jasper beads integrated into the chain.

Chain length: 17"
Clasp: Handcrafted Spiral & hook and eye clasp
Pendant drops about 3-1/4" down from the chain.

I really love the items in her shop. In fact, as I was looking through it, I've been strongly contemplating a pair of earrings that I love. I decided not to feature them, because they might just be gone, before you read this!

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