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Monday, June 15, 2015

Experimenting with Color via GlassTribal Whale & Stand

There are so many things that intrigue me.  Always on top of the list is color.  I've been making traditional whales and was looking at images and thinking about how color influences what we typically think.  So I picked up two complimentary colors and made a whale using a more tribal or tattoo type simple design.  It was fun experimenting with a different style.

Then I wanted to make a glass stand for it using the yellow and turquoise theme (layered turquoise transparent over the yellow for the green look.) and formed one side that was mostly deep turquoise and the other side primarily yellow, to see whether my assumption that I'd prefer the blue side with the contrast, over the yellow side.  My answer is "yes", but I like the yellow side more than I thought.  Surprised me a bit.

So now I'm asking your opinion.  Do you have a preference? Yellow or blue side? If you were picking two colors that aren't typical whale colors, what would you choose?