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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Artists, Want to Try Some Art Shoes for a Good Cause?

I have been chatting with my friends on Facebook and discussing art shoes.  Six Zonta Clubs in the Denver area are having an Event, "Empty Shoes" which represents women lost or damaged by gender violence.  They are looking for contributing artists.

Before  I post their information, I wanted to mention that they aren't necessarily looking for art shoes, but that would be very nice.   Any artist has the option to donate any piece of art that they wish.  And there are levels of contribution ranging from 100% to 20% going to the Zonta group.

My sister and her two adult daughters are very involved in this awesome non profit.  This organization is working toward the goal of ending violence against women and girls.  I like that.  So here is the full info, along with phone numbers, deadlines and all that other good stuff.  Please let me know if you will join me in donating something to this cause.

That email info link for Kristina is right here.

Thanks for considering this.  I know any additional help would be wonderful.  And anyone who contributes, I would love to have a good photo from you, and a couple paragraphs about you and your business to feature you on my blog, in return for your generosity.

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