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Friday, February 1, 2013

Limited Editions...What Do YOU Think?

I was looking at Crate & Barrel's Limited Edition Tea Pots in my email this morning and contemplating their marketing strategy.

We all know that some folks collect them.  And using logic, collectors tend to prefer unique.  So by limiting the number, and making the decoration more "modern" or current, I am wondering how this sells for them.  And whether they are starting a younger generation of collectors of tea pots?

This one is by Yellena James and I like it.  I just don't have room for anything that I don't need right now. I'm at the stage where I need to reduce my collections instead of increase them. (unless we're talking about art supplies and equipment or fun tools)

But it made me think about our Glass Bead business and other art/craft industries.  Many of us do the equivalent of "limited editions".  Would it make any difference if we market them that way?  Food for thought.