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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Snow White From My Loren Class

I wanted to show you a couple of photos from my Loren Stump 'Toon class.  He made this Snow White  during class.  It started out when I naively asked, "can you show me how you would make a simple small and sweet princess face?  I get asked to do them for Beads of Courage sometimes."

I thought it would be a 10-15 minute response, but obviously, it wasn't.

We got to see her from start to finish.  Looking at my little kids' Disney book for reference.  Choosing the rods colors.  (he is a fan of Creation is Messy's glass for skin colors).  Making the face murrine as shown in the background. And even Maureen McRorie heating up masses of rods for the yellow skirt.  Wish I had gotten a photo of that.  She had both hands full of rods over the biggest flame melting them as quickly as possible.  It was a delight to see him work like that and this Snow White is now living at FlameTree Glass.

And yes, the top half had to be garaged for part of it.  And she had to be reworked a bit with some of the crown popping off.  We learned how to fix things and what started out as just a "head" being done to show me, turned into a full person.  And one of the things I really noticed is how hard it is to keep those arms from moving around while the rest is being done.  I should have asked him why they weren't put on last.

I have one more photo from class that deserves its own post.  So you'll see that in the future.  Have a happy day.