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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Brown Gray Palette, Moi?

Maybe it's because I'm around so much color all day and love using it, but this Martha Stewart color palette really speaks to me.  It tells me that live is serene and rest is coming in this simple, but lovely room.  They call the main color, "Mouse Gray"  (and I thought I had read, "mouse droppings gray" for the color- yikes!  Anyhow, someday I might change my more colorful existence to having a retreat in these colors (a touch more grayed aqua in it I'm sure- to add that old beach house look I love).

So my artist friends and everyone else who looks for serenity and who looks for lots more color in your home?  I like bursts of color in the main floor, but give me one room that says, you can relax and go to sleep now.

Oh, this part of her website also has a lot of other color combinations that are beautiful.  Check it out!