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Friday, December 24, 2010

Color For Bead Artists

If you haven't discovered my friend, Margie Deeb's "Color For Bead Artists" blog, you might be missing out.

Margie is a color expert. She teaches classes across the country on this topic and I was lucky enough to take one. Wow, did I learn a lot in it, and I thought I had at least the basics down. Wrong. There's so much more.

On this blog, she explains all about color, gives different perspectives, includes different ways to look at it and in my opinion, is really very interesting. (yes, I'd say that even if she wasn't my friend) Margie has quite a few excellent books and publications out. You can find them on her website,

And to you my readers and friends, I'm wishing you a happy Night Before Christmas. May all your dreams come true. (and don't forget the plate of cookies and glass of milk)