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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fire and Brimstone Rocks On!

So what exactly are "whoremongers"? I'm trying to figure this out. Is it similar to fishmongers who sell fish?

As promised, I decided to show you the quirky side of my weekend trip. One of the highlights was this billboard, which absolutely amazed me. I mean, what are they trying to say?

So I started thinking about divorce and television put into that same category, as well as where is this lake of fire, and can I melt glass with it?

If anyone has any insight to this billboard, or perhaps a joke that can go with it, I'd love to hear it.

Now for the even lighter side.

While driving, one of the things that cracked me up was that there was a building. One side was a Medical Emergency Care Center, like what we call "Doc in a Box", and the other side of the building was a gun and ammo shop. Life's little jokes all rolled into one place.

And - can you believe this? I saw people herding cattle while driving golf carts. That was so cute. I hope they got them rounded up before their batteries went dead.

And - we saw floating condos at the lake. Complete with tiny kitchenettes and bathrooms. First thought was, "where does the waste go- I'm not swimming near there", and then someone explained that it was contained and disposed of properly. Whatever that euphemism means. Honestly, they looked like fun. Tiny little barrack looking buildings lined up along little docks with a place to park your boat. You can rent ski-dos or whatever they're called and drive them right up to your back porch. I'm kind of thinking that could be a rip.

Soon, I'll write about one little town that we passed through, which made me think that time can actually stand still. Maybe my next post. (then i promise to get back to glass and melting it.)

take care,